new products, excessive inventory ,overstock, merchandise inventory, sampling, sales promotion, and Incentive
  new products, excessive inventory ,overstock, merchandise inventory, sampling, sales promotion, and Incentive
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Corporate profile
Corporate name   Innoventure Co., Limited
6/F, Yaesu Asahi Building, Yaesu 2-7-7, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel:(+81) 3-6202-1590/Fax:(+81) 3-3231-7277
10,000,000 Japanese yen
Founded in
27 Mar 2003
Business summary
Provide strategies of new products promotion and excess inventory clearance for major consumer goods manufacturers and distribute the products as samples, premiums and gifts.
Founder Shinri Yokoyama, President
No. of employees
Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation
Basic strategy
Partly disclosed
Minato Consulting Co., Ltd
(Yamamoto CPA Office)
Japan Marketing Association
社団法人日本マーケティング協会   Founded in 1957. An organization specializing in dealing with marketing difficulties
(PIC checks and monitors every day)
Origin of company name
【Name】 Innoventure, innovative venture (business)
【Origin】 innovative + venture
Office environment
イメージ イメージ
Comfortable and relaxing working environment
Warehouse MITSUI-SOKO(Gifu office)




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Message from President
   A majority of manufacturers are facing a much more challenging business environment.

 On top of the problems of excess inventory and private brand products, Innoventure provides solutions for expanding our clients’ sales channels and maintain our clients’ brand value of both new and existing products.

 We utilize the manufacturers’ products to carry out sampling activities with our clients who aim to attract more customers to their stores or events. New triers will be generated and sampling activities will stimulate their repurchase of the manufacturers‘ products through regular market channels.

 Under the trend of cutting advertising and promotion budgets due to economy recession in Japan, what strategies should be carried out is joint promotion. Joint promotion brings synergy effect and it facilitates in maximizing sales with limited budget. We always strive to lead you to this success.

 Companies which use premiums and giveaways also face the same problem of limited advertising and promotion budget. From the consumers’ point of view, they desire for premiums of gifts which are safe, reliable and with reasonable market prices. In view of this, joint promotion with national brands, i.e. manufacturers, is necessary.

 Innoventure has gained high evaluation in dealing with excess inventory problem and executing new product promotion throughout our extensive distribution channels and remarketing system.

 We continue to create synergy effect for our clients and achieve the value of joint promotion which is not able to be attained in only one company.

 We, Innoventure, keep refining our market insight and promise to provide value-added services to our clients.
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Our mission and commitment
We improve and overcome our weaknesses always. We study the reasons of failure and look for the solutions.
2. We customize and adapt to different business environment and pursuit to attain the benefit and interests for stakeholders (i.e. customers, suppliers, business partners, employees, shareholders) . We endeavour to gain reliability from our stakeholders.
3. We aim to minimize wasted resources (i.e. consumer goods) in the world. We develop the system of resource redistribution to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the planet.
4. We do no insist on existing business only. We pay effort to develop new business opportunities from learning the dream and problems of individuals and corporates.
5 We strive to be motivation creators.
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Corporate purposes
Marketing business (structural analysis)
Consulting business (SP・Operation ・New Business)
Redistribution of excess inventories
Provide support for the realization of individual respect
Entrepreneurship education and training
Create job opportunities
Donate to welfare service associations (i.e. support NPO)
Tax payment from profit generation
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Founder profile
Innoventure Co., Ltd
Shinri Yokoyama
~1999 Zushi-kaisei College
Bachelor of Political Science, Meiji Gakuin University
1999~2000 Tenpos Busters Co., Ltd  Retail Development Department →
Franchise Business Manager
(Jan 2000: “1999 New Business Best Performance Award”)
2000 Franchise Advantage Co., Ltd
Franchise Consultant
2000~2002 CCP Co., Ltd (Subsidiary of Venture Link Co., Ltd)
Business Planning Leader (Sales & Product Planning )
2003 Set up Innoventure 
(worked in iMobile Inc. as Sales Manager at the same time until 2005)
2005 Completed promotional market seminar Enterprise start up instructor (Tokyo, Saitama-ken)
2009 Attended America NLP seminar
2010 Completed executive marketing training
2013 Develop overseas business (HK)
2014 HongKong business is suspending.
2017 We started to invest in and collaborate with Cancell Ltd .
Cansell Ltd. supplies a new C-to-C platform where consumers can resell the rights of staying in a hotel, among others.
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