new products, excessive inventory ,overstock, merchandise inventory, sampling, sales promotion, and Incentive
  new products, excessive inventory ,overstock, merchandise inventory, sampling, sales promotion, and Incentive
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Knowledge aboutgiveaway & novelty
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Scientific way of premium use
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Knowledge about giveaway & novelty

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Scientific way of premium use
Let’s learn the science of attracting customers
  Cases of leaflet distribution + use of novelty
Control factors Value
Step up
Folded leaflets or no. of leaflet distributed 100,000 -
Probability of posting leaflets to residential (not included vacant house) 9,700 9.7%
3.Attention Probability of carrying leaflets to indoors (in some cases, it will be disposed in mansions 8,000 8.0%
4.Interest Probability of leaflets awareness 6,000 6.0%
5.Desire Leaflet readiness 4,000 4.0%
6.Memory Probability of store visit after reading leaflets 1,500 1.5%
7.Action Probability of store visit 1,100 1.1%

  Sales promotion and activities are thought to be influenced by individual perception and motivation. A different promotion way, named “Scientific analytical method” is introduced here. It means “to design the steps first”. For instance, there are 7 steps designed for utilizing leaflets and gifts to attract consumers. When promotion is carried out, let’s memorize and get used to it. The data collected will become your important asset.

Control factors
Promotion budget
Leaflet distribution areas
3.Attention Leaflet readiness (overall design)
4.Interest Leaflet summary (eye-catching)/ Any gifts or coupons being offered?
5.Desire Leaflet details/ Any desired products?
6.Memory Leaflet details/ Does the actual price of desired product exceed the consumers’ expected price?
7.Action Consumers’ daily schedule and motivation (e.g. affected by weather)

  How the data can be utilized will be explained here.
Low step up rate implies control problems. To solve this problem, scientific way which increases the number of consumers attracted has to be carried out.
For instance, the step up rate from step 5 to step 6 is relatively low compared with other steps. It can be regarded as control problem. It means the leaflet details and desired gifts failed to meet what consumer expected. Based on this result, the existing promotion plan is necessary to be revised.
Scientific promotion refers to the continuous practice of the above actions. Let’s try.
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