new products, excessive inventory ,overstock, merchandise inventory, sampling, sales promotion, and Incentive
  new products, excessive inventory ,overstock, merchandise inventory, sampling, sales promotion, and Incentive
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About inventory clearance

We have over 102 major listed consumer goods suppliers in Japan!

   A majority of corporates do not have sufficient resources and well prepared for dealing with excess inventory and surplus assets. As a result, many products would become wasted and brand value would even be negatively affected due to products being sold at discounted prices.
 Throughout our extensive distribution channels and remarketing system, Innoventure has attained high performance in dealing with excess inventory and brand value problems . We also continue to create and explore new market needs to delight our suppliers always.
  We, Innoventure keeps refining our market insight and promise to provide value-added services to our clients.
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About service line and stance
  Business value is mainly believed to consist of the following 3 competition principles. These principles can be briefly explained based on Michael Porter’s theory (i.e. Michael Porter, professor of Harvard University).
[Cost ・Value-added・Speed]


Excess inventory turns into cash
Innoventure does not require any enquiry charges. Payment is made to the manufacturers when transaction is confirmed. We aim to actualize the maximum interests of buyers and sellers from minimizing unnecessary cost throughout our efficient operation and use of technology. Our remarketing capability (i.e. repricing, repackaging, order quantity, redistribution, etc) leads manufacturers to success always.


Sampling advertising effects
In-house excess inventory is thought to have negative impact to a company. Our clients, who purchase your products from us usually distribute over 10,000 leaflets and DM flyers in average to arouse visitors and consumers’ interest to attend their promotion activities. Throughout our service, your excess inventory will be distributed as free gifts to end consumers from our clients. Hence, not only sampling, but promotion effect can also be obtained.


Emphasis on the speed of contract closing
The longer the time required to close transactions, the lower the product prices are. Innoventure provides timely reports to our clients once stock taking is completed. Your product details would only be provided to our clients should they have any responses or enquiries. Also, we offer pricing proposal on top of understanding the market trend and market penetration in order to maintain your expected profit margin.
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